A Brand that becomes
a “life style”

Up to You is not just a fashion brand.
Up to You was born from a dream that the stylist jealously cradles, ready to express it in her professional life path,
at the right moment.

There is a project in the heart of the brand’s creative soul that has the admirable goal of being able to have its collections
worn even by those who, unfortunately, cannot always have the opportunity to enter in a shop and get excited with fashionable outfits.

That is a project that requires the involvement of all the related industries those work around the creation
and the sale of each individual item.  All of them aim to express a correct lifestyle looking to the immediate future, imagining to give each garment
a “second life” avoiding that, once discarded, it returns to being a simple unused fabric.

Up to You is a free spirit, in constant evolution, where wearing a dress becomes a real added value.

Up to You,  la tua essenza…